NetSuite Demo: Using Groups to Create Targeted Email Campaigns

Grow Customer Relationships via Targeted Email Campaigns in NetSuite

Learn how to utilize your contact groups within NetSuite to create targeted email marketing campaigns to build and enhance your customer relationships on a more personalized level.

As new contacts are added to your email list, understand how to organize them to further maintain your targeted email campaigns.

Using Groups to Create Targeted Email Campaigns

Creating Groups in NetSuite

From a marketing perspective, you can create groups in NetSuite. For example, if I want to reach out to all of our customers in the western region. Or, I want to reach out to all of our technology customers. Let’s say there’s a newer product that we have coming out that is probably geared towards technology customers. I want to create a group so that I can create an email campaign that’s going to go out to them. Within NetSuite, if I go into Lists, Relationships, Groups, I can choose the western region customers and technology customers. Then when I click on that group, it shows me all of the group members.

This is a dynamic customer group. So what I’ve done there is I created a search that says, show me all the customers that have an address in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Texas. What’s great about this is as a new customer comes in if they fall within this group, they are automatically added to it. I can also create static groups, which is, ‘hey, here are the top five customers for us’ and I want to keep that top five and I want to communicate to them via email campaigns. I want to keep it just them and I can do that with a static group.

Using NetSuite Email Templates

So again, I can create groups and then once I do that, I can create email templates. If I go to Lists, Marketing, and then Marketing Campaigns we can create a marketing campaign that will allow me to email out to our customers based upon a specific group. So if I wanted to send to our Western clients, I can create a campaign and I can say this campaign starts January and it goes through March. So it’s a Q1 campaign. And in the email, who’s the group for it while there are those groups that I created. So we’re going to say western region, and then I can create an email template that when it says, hey Mr. Customer, here’s some upcoming information that’s about our company. Here’s a new product release that we’re excited to share with you. What’s the channel, we can email that. And then they can be both email as well as if you wanted to track any direct mail so you can kind of see a variety of campaign methods.

That lets us know we started a campaign in Q1 and any orders that were created during that timeframe I get feedback. How did I do on that? What was our expected revenue from this campaign? Those are the things that we can track because we’ve set the customer up. We’ve created the email communication within NetSuite all with standard functionality that you’re seeing within here. Then as those orders come in and the transactional data, I can keep track of that and report on that afterwards.

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Mike Mahannah, Terillium
Contribution by Mike Mahannah

Mike is Terillium’s NetSuite practice leader and has spent his career leading companies through organizational change by adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that fit their business goals. He is also the president of the Ohio NetSuite User Group, which helps existing NetSuite clients by creating a community where customers can share their experiences with each other and encourage new ways to better utilize NetSuite.