NetSuite Integrations – The Secret Way to Dominate Your Market this Year

Capitalize on NetSuite Integrations

If your organization is similar to other companies that use NetSuite, your tech stack will include ten, fifty, or even hundreds of department-specific applications. To fully leverage your investment in NetSuite as the central system of record, you need to integrate data between NetSuite and other applications that impact key business processes, such as automating:

  • Quote-to-cash by integrating NetSuite and Salesforce
  • E-commerce back-office by integrating NetSuite Amazon or Shopify
  • Customer support by integrating NetSuite and Zendesk
  • Accounting by integrating NetSuite with your banks
  • Business partner transactions by integrating NetSuite and EDI or 3PL partners


These NetSuite integrations help streamline operations to deliver products or services efficiently, timely, and without errors. This is true whether your customers are consumers or other businesses. To truly dominate in the new year, make sure you have these NetSuite integrations in place:

  • If your sales team is using a CRM, you should make sure it is integrated with NetSuite
  • For online sellers, it is critical to ensure your e-commerce channels are integrated with NetSuite

Benefits of a NetSuite and CRM Integration

An integration between NetSuite and the CRM make sales order processing efficient and accurate while eliminating manual activities.

How NetSuite and CRM Integration Helps You  Dominate in the New Year

  • Faster sales order processing
  • Faster customer invoicing
  • Accurate, up-to-date product and prices in CRM
  • Better customer communication and service
  • Elimination of manual data entry
  • Easier access to full-picture reporting


There are two recommended options with NetSuite to connect your sales data with the rest of your business operations

  1. Use NetSuite CRM.
  2. Use an integration solution to connect NetSuite with an external CRM.


NetSuite CRM allows you to seamlessly track sales from opportunity to close, and beyond. In addition to traditional CRM capabilities, NetSuite CRM includes marketing automation tools, order management, sales forecasting, integrated e-commerce – and more.

If you’re using another CRM like Salesforce, it is key to have the right type of integration between Salesforce and NetSuite. The connection needs to be reliable, flexible, and manageable by either NetSuite and/or Salesforce administrators.

Benefits of a NetSuite and E-commerce Integrations

If you sell online, then you know the importance of selling across multiple channels. That can include your own websites in addition to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

How NetSuite and E-commerce Integration Helps You Dominate in the New Year

  • Real-time order syncs between your online channels and NetSuite
  • Faster fulfillment by immediately sending orders to warehouses, 3PLs, and drop-ship vendors
  • Automated inventory sync across all channels to prevent stockouts
  • Automate billing and accounting tasks in NetSuite
  • Automated accounting activities

If you are using NetSuite SuiteCommerce to manage your websites, then key data will be available automatically in NetSuite. This includes customers, orders, fulfillment, and other information.

Are you using another shopping cart, such as Shopify and Magento, or selling through channels like Amazon and eBay? If yes, having integrations between these platforms and NetSuite is crucial for running your business. This is particularly true during times of high order volumes, such as the holiday season.

When looking for integrations, it is important to make sure the integrations are reliable, scalable, and flexible. NetSuite integrations should also be easy to maintain and manage without developer resources.

How to Integrate Shopify with NetSuite

Dominating this Year with NetSuite

Growth numbers for organizations running NetSuite today speak for themselves.*

  • 10% more growth, on average, for businesses running NetSuite
  • 24% more growth when using e-commerce technology
  • 44% more growth when using e-commerce and global expansion features

Celigo NetSuite Connector

Integrating your key business applications with NetSuite can be easy and intuitive. In 2019, our team entered into a partnership with Celigo – a leader in NetSuite integrations. Celigo offers prebuilt, fully managed NetSuite integrations, with popular cloud applications such as Salesforce, Amazon, Shopify, Zendesk, and other platforms.

For integrations that aren’t already prebuilt, Celigo offers is an intuitive and powerful integration platform that can be used by operations, systems admin, business users, and IT developers. The platform enables you to connect any applications with NetSuite using a drag-and-drop interface, or more advanced developer tools.

Learn more NetSuite integrations, or enhancing your NetSuite capabilities.