Terillium Educational Sessions at Quest JD Edwards INFOCUS

Our Sessions at JDE INFOCUS

Join us virtually October 24-27 for the all digital and all JD Edwards conference – INFOCUS. A lot has changed both in the world and with the JD Edwards product. This is the event that will allow you to dive deep into practical learning, dig into new releases, and hone your JD Edwards skills. Let us help leveraging your JDE investment and plan for the future by finding creative and innovative ways to meet your organization’s needs.

This year at Quest JD Edwards INFOCUS, we will be hosting 4 sessions on multiple JDE topics. To help you navigate the conference, we’ve put together a list of all our sessions at Quest JDE INFOCUS.

Add any or all of the sessions to your agenda by clicking the “Add to Calendar” dropdown bar and selecting your calendar preference. We look forward to you joining us!

1. Advanced Pricing and Advanced Preferences for Finance

Bernadette Durham, Solution Architect at Terillium Inc.

Wednesday, October 26 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Session ID:101000

Finance users should know about Advanced Pricing as well as our friends in Distribution! There is basic functionality available in Advanced Pricing that can alleviate downstream challenges in AR and AP processes, and Advanced Preferences give us the flexibility to maintain excellent Distribution processes while also accommodating the needs of the Finance team. This session will showcase some real-world solutions used to make sales order and purchase order processing meet business needs in Finance.


  • Advanced Pricing in Sales – show how we can apply price adjustments without affecting margin/tax/cash discounts and accommodate GL visibility to pricing adjustments. We’ll also look at generating accruals from advanced pricing.
  • Advanced Preferences in Sales – how can use of simple Preference setup make sales order processing more streamlined while still supporting good process? We’ll look specifically at use of the Revenue Business Unit and how preferences allow us to use customer, item and sales order attributes to drive GL distribution.
  • Advanced Pricing in Procurement – we will take a look at how pricing rules can accommodate Finance requirements, including as a more flexible alternative to using Landed Cost processing.

2. Scared Straight - Learn from Others Mistakes

David Toal, Director of Managed Services at Terillium Inc.

Christopher Haraf, Director of Technology at Terillium Inc.

Wednesday, October 26 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT

Session ID:100460

Knowing what mistakes others have made and the ramifications helps others not make the same mistakes. This session will cover real-life decisions people have made and the disastrous results of those choices. These are a few of the examples that will be presented.

Things that can happen when you don’t keep your JD Edwards system current.   For example, Internet Explore being retired has left clients with few options for critical business process.

JD Edwards under cyber-attack and the impact on the business.  Worst case scenarios of Ransomware.  An example of business down for months after a cyber-attack.

Backups, high availability, and disaster recovery not adequate and makes a bad situation worst.  Not being able to restore specific data results in weeks worth of manual entry to get the business back up and running.

3. Fulfillment Management: Solutions for Your Inventory Commitment Challenges

Bernadette Durham, Solution Architect at Terillium Inc.

Thursday, October 27 | 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM EDT

Session ID:102050

Standard inventory commitment processes in JD Edwards do not always offer the flexibility we need to prioritize how we allocate available inventory to meet sales order demand. Perhaps we want to prioritize certain customers, but still be able to recognize when other customer orders need to take priority to be filled. Or maybe there is a need to define different inventory allocation rules for different product types or different order types. Fulfillment Management gives us the tools to manage inventory allocation with significantly more flexibility, allowing automation of both simple and complex priority rules that can be based on customer, product, order attributes including line type, and order dates. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of how Fulfillment Management functionality can reduce manual effort managing inventory allocation in your business.


  • Compare standard inventory commitment processes with the options available in Fulfillment Management.
  • Show how Basic Scoring and Advanced Preference Scoring options work and how they can provide the ability to flexibly define inventory allocation rules. Provide a detailed look at configuration of Service Level Rules.
  • Review the Fulfillment Workbench to demonstrate that real world exceptions are still accommodated and that manual overrides can be executed simply and quickly.

4. E1 Solutions to Limit Downtime

Christopher Haraf, Director of Technology at Terillium Inc.

Thursday, October 27 | 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM EDT

Session ID:100430

Harness new E1 tools and architecture in your enterprise to reduce downtime. New functionality including virtual job queues, no downtime package deploys and kernels that reconnect can be leveraged separately or along with architecture solutions to greatly limit your system downtime.


  • Understand how to use the new E1 functionality to reduce downtime.
  • Review architecture solutions that can eliminate downtime for patching.
  • Describe an overall plan to reduce system outages.