What’s so Sweet about NetSuite software?

Find out what businesses love about NetSuite software

Businesses no longer buy technologies. They no longer buy software. They buy outcomes. Peace of mind is a big outcome, and many are choosing NetSuite software to deliver.

Growth isn’t easy and especially when it comes to growing and scaling a company. Among many other challenges rolling out technology to new or acquired subsidiaries is part of the challenge. Many businesses today choose NetSuite for its proven track record in delivering dependable business outcomes. This includes the ROI from implementing modern ERP technology, as well as the peace of mind factor.

How NetSuite offers Peace of Mind

  • Businesses running NetSuite software have seen almost 10% more growth, on average, than the market. For businesses who adopted NetSuite ecommerce that number is over 24% growth*
  • NetSuite was built to run an entire business, not just one department of the business (for example, only finance or HR)
  • 100% of NetSuite customers are on the same release
  • As the first ever cloud company, NetSuite has delivered outcomes to the over 36,000 organizations running NetSuite Cloud ERP for over 20 years

Features of NetSuite Software

  • Robust ERP with built-in: Full Financial Management, Order Management, Procurement, Production, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain, CRM, HR, and Project Management
  • Built-in business intelligence and analytics
  • User friendly interface
  • Industry optimizations
  • Shorter and simpler implementation time frames – on average between 3-6 months

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Terillium is proud to be a NetSuite Solutions Provider partner. Our certified consulting team helps businesses with NetSuite software implementations, enhancements and optimizations, and SuiteAssist – a managed services program specifically for NetSuite users.

*NetSuite customers saw 17% growth (24% for ecommerce users) in 2017 compared to 8% and 6% for MSCI Emerging and S&P 500 respectively.