Industry 4.0: What’s the Impact on Manufacturing & Distribution? | On-Demand Webinar

Industry 4.0: What’s the Impact on Manufacturing & Distribution?

JDE Webinar with Ultra Consultants | On-Demand Webinar

Industry 4.0, as the name implies, is widely considered the 4th industrial revolution.  It’s the culmination of automation, big Adata, integrated systems, and the connected enterprise.

With each of these areas maturing in their own right, it’s where they all collide that makes this 4th revolution so exciting.

This educational webinar session, with special guest Ultra Consultants, looks at the realignment of technology and business processes to drive new value for organizations looking to compete in ever-changing markets.

Ultra’s industry insights will share what is possible for organizations to thrive today and into the future.

Our portion of the educational webinar will present use cases in manufacturing, and how technology plays a role in the era of smart manufacturing.

The one-hour session is a can’t miss for those manufacturing and distribution project teams considering how to thrive today and into the future.

Key Takeaways
  • The typical journey an organization will undertake for true transformation.
  • The key role of data in smart manufacturing
  • Tips for success for those organizations looking to leverage technology for business process improvement in the era of Industry 4.0
  • Technology demonstration to visualize success in Industry 4.0
Who Should Attend?

Manufacturers and distributors interested in learning about leveraging technology including:

  • C-Level teams from manufacturing, distribution companies
  • IT leaders
  • Operations leaders
  • Finance

About Ultra Consultants

Ultra Consultants is an independent research and enterprise software consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries throughout North America, as well as companies with global operations.

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