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JD Edwards Orchestrator Studio is one of the most significant enhancements to JDE. Below we’ll be sharing regular updates of how we’re helping clients use Orchestrator for process automation and simplification. Check out the Orchestrator use cases below, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Orchestrator Tip #1: Use Everyday API’s To Enhance EnterpriseOne

See three use cases below, and how we used JDE Orchestrator to leverage APIs and enhance E1. The three real-life examples include how to: validate UPS shipping addresses, obtain UPS package rates, automate foreign exchange rate updates.

Questions about the use cases below, or Orchestrator in general? Contact us.

Validating UPS Shipping Addresses

Client Tools Release

JDE Orchestrator was used in conjunction with an E1 form to validate and retrieve address information on an E1 Interactive application and update it if necessary. JDE address information is passed through the UPS validator API, as the information is received back, a custom parsing function in the orchestrator is used to apply any necessary updates.

Getting UPS Package Rates

Client Tools Release

JDE Orchestrator was used to retrieve UPS rates for ‘package’ shipments. Results were displayed in the P4980 ‘Routing Options’, but also could have been used to update the shipment charges table if you used UPS exclusively for your small parcel. Transportation licenses and setup are required in JDE to have Transportation Rate Definition call a business function that retrieves the rate. JDE was passing Origin and Destination address information, along with weight, package dimensions, mode of transport and quantities.

Daily (or hourly) Foreign Exchange Rate Update

Client Tools Release

JDE Orchestrator was used to retrieve the foreign exchange rates from ‘Fixer IO’ and return and update the values in JDE. The orchestration was connected to a schedule to ensure that the foreign exchange rates were staying as current as possible.

Request More Info on JDE Orchestrator Training

Terillium’s Orchestrator training is tailored to meet your organization’s needs. The training starts with a short session to better understand your goals and requirements.  By the end of the training you will have successfully implemented and launched JDE orchestrations.

During the training, our instructors will lead you through:

  • Orchestrator Studio foundation training
  • Instructor led tutorials
  • Hands-on training – tailored with specific exercises developed for your organization

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