What We’re Excited About in JDE Release 24

JD Edwards Release 24 Application Enhancements and Key Features

A few months ago the Oracle JD Edwards product team announced JDE release 24. This latest release includes many application enhancements and new digital transformation features. In this post, we’ll give an overview of the features worth mentioning and application updates in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Finance.

Quick Note on Navigating JDE Release Names

Release 24 uses the newer JDE naming convention that started a few years ago with Release 22. New release numbers used to be tacked on to the version number (for example 9.2.4), but to simplify, new JDE releases are now named for the year. It’s likely Release 25 will be coming at the end of this year.

Application Enhancements in JDE Release 24


  • Volume-based buying recommendations in procurement
  • Standalone check price in procurement
  • Enterprise automation: requisition to receipt
  • Automated safety stock population
  • OCI AI/ML accelerator for JD Edwards


  • Allow inventory locations to be put on hold
  • Enterprise automation: shipment to dispatch
  • Order preparation day and delivery date preference based on workday calendar


  • Ability to view details of vouchers associated with purchase orders from account ledger
  • Flexibility in defining default document type for journal entries
  • Improved asset cost analysis
  • View joint venture parent BU in business units and job master applications

Digital Transformation Features in Release 24

Learn more about all of the features below on learnjde.com.

Workflow Monitor

The new Workflow Monitor is a modern update from the traditional EnterpriseOne Workflow Process Monitor application.

Task Tracking

This new JDE feature enables users to set due dates for tasks that are assigned to recipients through orchestration and notification messages.

Notification Reminders

The Notification Reminders feature enhances EnterpriseOne notifications by enabling users to easily set reminders for important tasks or assignments.

Output Stream Access for Orchestrations

This feature enables the Orchestrator Report step to generate Output Stream Access (OSA) output.

User-Defined Delimiter for Orchestrator Output to CSV

This feature enables users to specify a separator character other than a comma when outputting data to a CSV file in an orchestration.

Prebuilt Workflow Data Structures

This feature simplifies the process of creating new workflows by providing a set of prebuilt data structures that are suitable for a wide variety of workflows.

Getting to JD Edwards Release 24

Businesses on an older version (pre-9.2) need to go through a traditional JD Edwards upgrade to get to the latest release. It’s a bigger initiative, a lot has changed between JDE 9.1 and the latest release. 

If your company is on EnterpriseOne 9.2 – it’s a “mini-upgrade” process to get to Release 24. A mini-upgrade is not a major event, but certain things need to be tested from an integration standpoint. We can help do this using Orchestrator for some automated testing. We can also help you come up with a continuous improvement schedule to do these mini-upgrades and more.

A few things we recommend reviewing as part of your JDE upgrade:

  • Infrastructure refresh – considering cloud infrastructure
  • Integration/third-party application compatibility – especially when moving to 64-bit
  • Doing a code freeze – limiting modifications once your JDE is code current
  • Continuous adoption – setting up a continuous improvement schedule

Taking Advantage of a JDE Assessment for Your Business

We conduct a lot of JDE assessments for clients where we look at your organization holistically and review the areas where we can leverage technology to be more efficient. We do this based on your specific JDE tools release. We also do a JDE review from a strategic perspective and layout recommendations to help you move forward.