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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2

New JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Features

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What You Need to Know about New JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Features Including Features and Functionality. Is it time to upgrade? Contact us with any upgrade process questions.

Throughout the past two years the Oracle JDE team has continued to build great software. According to Oracle, the latest release of EnterpriseOne includes solutions that are SMART – Strategic, Mobile, Architected for Real-Time. These SMART solutions will continue to create a competitive advantage for JDE users. New functionality includes:

  • Advanced Job Forecasting
  • Outbound Inventory Management
  • Internet of Things Orchestrator
  • Rental Management
  • Work Center Load Review Calendar
  • One View Financial Statements
  • New JDE Mobile Applications

“Extending its commitment to JD Edwards enterprise applications, Oracle is announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications and Tools Release 9.2.”

Outbound Inventory Management

JD Edwards Outbound Inventory Management enables Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and a more streamlined order-to-cash process.

JD Edwards E1 9.2 includes new Outbound Inventory Management functionality including tools for agreement management, consumption reporting, item replenishment, billing on consumption, inventory returns, outbound availability and more.

Outbound Inventory Management in E1 is improved by new functionality for One View Reporting, EnterpriseOne Pages, Watchlists and Business Interfaces.

Oneview Financial Statements

OneView Financial Statements in JD Edwards E1 enables easy-to-use report management. OneView includes pre-built content to easily get started with balance sheets and income statements. OneView has flexible report components allowing end users to find the real-time information they need.

jd edwards enterpriseone 9.2

Advanced Job Forecasting

Advanced Job Forecasting in JD Edwards E1 allows users to gain real-time financial visibility into budgets, actuals, open commitments, change orders, remaining work and estimates at completion. In JD Edwards 9.2 users can track remaining work through detailed labor tasks and remaining hours.


jd edwards enterpriseone 9.2

Work Center Load Review Center

Production schedulers have increased abilities in JD Edwards Enterprise 9.2 to view Work Center Load visually in a calendar view. The calendar view makes it easy to view critical information and work center capacity as well as intuitively drill down into additional details to make schedule adjustments.


jd edwards enterpriseone 9.2

Mobile Applications

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has 80+ mobile apps and counting. Applications that are available include apps for: expense entry and approvals, inventory and order inquiries, condition-based maintenance, project management, equipment maintenance, purchasing approvals, field service and contact lookups.


jd edwards enterpriseone 9.2

Internet of Things

Oracle announced the JD Edwards Internet of Things Orchestrator. Read more about the IoT Orchestrator and how it helps businesses use automation of machines to reduce costs, increase revenue and gain compliance.

Internet of Things Video (2:31)



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