Manufacturing Planning: The Information You Need

Gaining access to manufacturing planning information including important key performance indicators helps executives make better decisions in order to improve enterprise processes and remain competitive.

No sector creates more economic value than the manufacturing industry. Terillium is proud to help manufacturing companies implement Oracle ERP – solutions that help manufacturing businesses thrive with benefits like improved supply chain management, shop floor flexibility and better customer service.

We’re sharing knowledge we’ve gained over the course of 20 years spent serving the industry – topics such as Manufacturing Planning: The Information You Need to Run Your Manufacturing Business Better.

Manufacturing planning: The information you need to run your manufacturing business better

Gaining access to information including important key performance indicators helps executives make better decisions in order to improve enterprise processes and remain competitive. Consider how you would answer the following questions:

What information is the most important to your manufacturing company’s success?

  • How could you move from tactical to strategic manufacturing planning?
  • What business information do you need access to do your job better?
  • How do you use accurate, timely data in order to operate more efficiently? To cut costs and increase performance? To remain competitive?


How do you capture and report on essential financial and operational information? 

  • Financials
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Projects in progress
  • Logistics
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain planning
  • Equipment & Assets
  • Procurement


How to Move from Tactical to Strategic Manufacturing Planning

Implementing a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system gives manufacturing companies access to crucial company information. A modern ERP system includes:

  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Alerts that can be customized to proactively notify you with important inventory, shipping, accounts and other information
  • Reports you can build yourself
  • One company system for all operational and financial information
  • The ability to make better business decisions with real time information


The right ERP system helps manufacturing executives create a better supply chain:

  • Enhanced inventory visibility and accelerated inventory control
  • Shop floor optimization
  • Detailed tracking and improved visibility into production costs
  • Built in warehouse and transportation management tools
  • Vendor scorecards to track vendor performance
  • Real-time reporting for improved operational efficiency


An ERP system can help manufacturing companies improve customer satisfaction:

  • Better supply chain leads to quicker service and order fulfillment
  • Order fulfillment tools that allow you to prioritize your best customers
  • Access to detailed customer history information
  • Watch lists and alerts enable timely decisions when problems arise
  • One source for your company’s supply and demand information


The right ERP system helps manufacturing executives grow their business:

  • Prepare detailed forecasts based on actual sales data
  • Plan material requirements to a master schedule
  • Create a distribution plan based on forecasts and orders
  • Get best pricing and gain visibility into global product availability
  • Implement a system that will scale as your company grows


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