NetSuite Consulting Partners – How to Choose the Right One

What to consider when researching NetSuite consulting partners for your next project

So, perhaps you’ve chosen NetSuite as your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and your team is ready to plan the implementation. Or maybe you already run NetSuite, but you want to add more modules since your business has grown. Do you hire a NetSuite consulting partner? Learn how to evaluate NetSuite partners for your upcoming project.

What you need to know about NetSuite consulting partners

NetSuite consulting partners are industry experts who deliver a multitude of services from selling NetSuite licenses to implementation and ongoing support. It’s important to select a NetSuite partner that is a good fit for your technical needs and business objectives.

NetSuite partners (like us) provide a variety of services. We can work with you every step of the way, including:

  • Licensing and implementation
  • Additional support after go-live
  • Adding functionality
  • Establishing new locations or subsidiaries on your system
  • Training
  • Special projects
  • Optimizations


Working with a partner is not required, however, there are many benefits to it. What should you expect from your NetSuite consulting partner?

What to expect and when to engage with a NetSuite partner

NetSuite consulting partners can’t fix all of your ERP problems immediately. However, a partner can be a game-changer for your organization in terms of operations and how you use your NetSuite system. Whether your upcoming project is a new implementation or adding modules to an existing solution, there are some key expectations to have.


Whoever you choose as your partner should be qualified to perform the work. But what kind of experience is necessary when considering who you hire? Good NetSuite partners:

  • Have relevant experience in your industry
  • Staff certified consultants with substantial technical and functional experience
  • Provide trusted advice and expertise
  • Fit your organization’s culture, team, needs and goals

Tools for success

In addition to their resume, a good partner should possess the necessary skills to manage and execute your project. These skills work hand-in-hand with your partner’s qualifications and are a result of their previous project experience. Make sure your partner:

  • Can maintain team communication and project management
  • Has a proven methodology
  • Is able to establish measurable milestones and goals
  • Will provide leadership to navigate your project

When to engage

When you’re planning a NetSuite project, you can’t begin work with a partner too early – but you can wait too long. Starting early with a partner allows you to leverage their expertise and build a cohesive roadmap for your project. Your NetSuite partner can help:

  • Prepare and plan your project
  • Build your internal team
  • Execute the project
  • Train your team and provide support