QuickBooks to NetSuite – Why Switch?

Why Switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite

QuickBooks has become the standard financial and accounting software for fast-growing, small businesses. It has been used by up-and-coming businesses for basic accounting and bookkeeping needs. While it’s great for entry level accounting needs, its limitations may be stunting your organization’s growth. As your company grows, you will realize that QuickBooks lacks the functionality you need, leads to time consuming manual processes and bottlenecks. This is why it is important to switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite to help grow your business.

Digital transformation has become a key topic in many industries. To keep up with our digitally focuses and fast paced world, growing companies must implement business solutions that will meet their needs. Streamlining operations, cutting down on manual processes, and fulfilling company needs should be met with modern technology.

In an increasingly digital world, having full insight into core business processes, reducing manual entry, and ensuring adaptability is essential for success.

With NetSuite, you can consolidate and automate manual processes and in turn, focus on what is truly important: growing your company. Learn why companies have had so much success with a QuickBooks to NetSuite switch.

QuickBooks vs. NetSuite


QuickBooks has limitations centered around manual processes and the need to apply or add additional systems for areas centered around supply chain and accounting. These areas can include inventory management, fixed assets, billing, order management, etc. If these applications are not implemented into your QuickBooks system, your accounting and finance team will continue the need to use many different systems and applications in their day to day responsibilities.

The use of different systems and moving data to different programs can lead to errors with the manual processes. QuickBooks does not aid in streamlining business processes for your employees because it is not a complete solution and does not include all applications necessary for a growing company. It’s time to switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite!


The pain points with QuickBooks can limit your growth potential. It may be time to move to an all-encompassing system and benefit from a more efficient and streamlined business operations.

“NetSuite believes in the power of an integrated suite of functionality that spans the whole of the business, linking both the back and front offices together.” – NetSuite

NetSuite is a comprehensive business system for your operation. The integration of this system can streamline your operations and scale with your business. NetSuite offers the ability to choose the functionality that you need now and includes the functionality you need for the future. This allows you to continue to grow and be successful with one system.

NetSuite can serve as a comprehensive business system, scaling with your business. It’s the end of constantly investing capital, time and resources in new software and integrations— you simply choose what you need, adding the functionality as you grow.

When is it time to switch?

How do you know when it’s time to switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite?

  • Real-Time data is difficult to obtain
  • Entering and reconciling financial data only occurs manually across systems
  • You’re missing out on sales opportunities
  • It’s more efficient to conduct business outside of QuickBooks
  • You have multiple technology investments that aren’t paying off


If you are running QuickBooks and already experiencing some of these pain points or can foresee having these issues in the near future, it is time to explore a new solution that will aid in the growth and success of your business.

4 Benefits of Switching From QuickBooks to NetSuite

NetSuite’s product offering blows QuickBooks out of the water when it comes to growing companies. By implementing NetSuite, you will have:

  1. Streamlined Business Processes

  2. A Modern Financial System

  3. Improved Experience

  4. Growth Potential

1. Streamlined Business Processes

This includes improved financial processes, inventory management, and overall business processes. NetSuite allows for the integration of point of sales systems with your financial system to accurately measure business and control cost in revenue. This also improves and automates your financial close process.

You could potentially be missing out on sales due to poor inventory planning ability. NetSuite provides better visibility into data such as sales and inventory. This allows you to make better and more informed forecasting decisions.

NetSuite can also automate your warehouse management. This reduces manual tasks and improves inventory accuracy and demand planning.

2. A Modern Financial System

Implementing NetSuite allows your company to have a modern financial system that employees can access from anywhere. This streamlines workflow and saves significant time in their daily processes. Modern accrual accounting processes allows for continuous growth and the ability to scale your business.

3. Improved Experience

NetSuite enables better communication and overall experience for franchisees, new and existing customers. It also gives the ability to integrate between your company’s e-commerce website. Overall streamlining processes throughout your entire company.

4. Growth Potential

NetSuite’s proven methodology and all-encompassing system demonstrates that you can implement one software suite to support your entire business and its growth. The system ensures that your data is up to date and accurate across all areas of the business.

NetSuite has proven that one streamlined software suite will support your growth and offer scalability as your business grows, ensuring that your data is up-to-date and accurate across the company, essentially ensuring that NetSuite is the last system your business will ever need.

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