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Conquering Your ERP Project

Your guide to doing an ERP project right

An ERP project can be complicated. Whether you’re planning an upgrade, a new implementation, or integrating new functionality, you need a plan in order to be successful.

We’ve rounded up some of our ERP project best practices – sharing some of the expertise we’ve gained during 30 years in the ERP consulting business. Download your copy today for insights on the entire ERP project process from making the business case to navigating ERP selection to best practice for avoiding ERP implementation failure.

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Your Comprehensive ERP Guide

Erp Project Plan Download

This ultimate ERP guide includes crucial information on modern ERP software today, making the business case for your project, improving business processes with ERP, tips for ERP selection, best practices for implementing ERP software, and more.

What’s in the guide:

  • Learn more about ERP software options today – and the key business benefits you should expect from your solution.
  • This guide covers how to determine that your organization is ready for new ERP software and – if you are ready – how to make the business case.
  • Experience shows that the most successful ERP projects start by optimizing operational performance. Learn more about how to conduct a detailed analysis of your business processes, practices and technical environment.
  • Choosing an ERP is a critical decision for any organization. To get it right, you’ll need to gather an ERP requirements list and put it into context for your business. Learn what you need to know about ERP selection.
  • A new ERP system offers a rare opportunity to transform your company by increasing efficiency, enabling new capabilities and improving business performance. With an implementation comes risk – learn how to mitigate risk and implement successfully.
  • An ERP project is a huge investment of time, money, and valuable resources. Learn from our years of ERP experience. Download your copy of the guide for a compilation of ERP success factors.


Your Comprehensive ERP Planning Guide

ERP Project Planning Roadmap

More Resources to Conquer Your ERP Project

ERP Implementation Project Planning

ERP implementation projects are an investment in terms of cost and your team’s time. Depending on the scope an ERP implementation can be a complex challenge. After leading hundreds of successful implementations, below are the steps we recommend (at a high-level) for anyone tackling an ERP implementation project.

Research and requirements gathering

The first thing you need when considering new ERP software is a list of your business requirements

Once you have at least an outline of your initial requirements, you can research software options with your business needs in mind. 

ERP selection

The ERP selection process involves diving deeper into your business requirements, starting to gather your ERP project team internally, and meeting with software vendors and consulting partners. Read the top 10 ERP selection criteria you need to keep in mind.

Working with an ERP consulting firm

One thing we’ve learned over the course of 30 years in business is that finding the right ERP consulting partner can be transformative for your business. Read our ERP consulting FAQ to learn more about what to expect from your consulting partner.

ERP project success factors

Having the right people on your project, using the right processes and methodologies, and selecting the right software are key factors when it comes to how successful your ERP implementation project will be. Discover more tips for success from Terillium’s President Dave Woodworth:

ERP Special Projects

Outside of a new ERP implementation, you might be planning a special project listed below. Get in touch with our team for a no-hassle consultation if you’d like to discuss your project.

Mergers and acquisitions

If you recently merged or acquired a new company – or are planning a merger or acquisition, an ERP project is probably in your future. Depending on your company structure and future plans, you have options when it comes to your ERP software across different parts of your business. Whether you migrate onto one ERP across the company or maintain different ERP software, the important thing is that information flows (securely) and that both internal and customer facing processes are efficient.

Business process optimization

Maybe it’s time for phase two, three, or later on your ERP roadmap. Or, internal processes have snowballed and gotten off track in terms of reducing manual processes and maintaining efficiency. Continuous improvement is an important best practice when it comes to getting the most out of your ERP software.

Expanding ERP capabilities

ERP software today can do a lot. Maybe you’re evaluating a third-party integration or considering adding functionality within your existing ERP. If your ERP is on-premise, you might be evaluating cloud applications to use alongside your ERP – or a replacement/migration project.

ERP Project


Your Comprehensive ERP Planning Guide

ERP Project Planning Roadmap

ERP Project Planning Checklist

Below is a high-level ERP project checklist for four key areas: business requirements, software selection, choosing the right partner, and project management.

Business requirements

  • Essential functionality
  • Essential analytics and reporting
  • Data conversion information
  • Third party integrations
  • Number of users

Software selection

  • Industry fit
  • Functionality fit
  • Price
  • Software vendor stability

Consulting partner criteria

  • Relevant certifications and industry experience
  • Proven project methodology
  • Trusted partner on business and technology best practices

Project management

  • Building the right team
  • Having an internal communication plan
  • Process documentation and mapping
  • Key data and conversions
  • Testing and training
  • Go live support and beyond
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Your Comprehensive ERP Planning Guide

ERP Project Planning Roadmap