INFOCUS Recap: JD Edwards Insights and Future Strategies

Discover What You Missed from the Biggest JD Edwards Conference of the Year.

It felt good to be back in Denver with the JD Edwards community after 4 years of virtual INFOCUS conferences! We appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth and/or attended our sessions. If you couldn’t make it this year, we’ve got you covered! Review the highlights below in our INFOCUS 2023 conference recap.

Terillium Sessions

This year at INFOCUS in Denver, we hosted four sessions:

CNC Role in JD Edwards Release 23 and Beyond: We explored the CNC tools’ significance in JD Edwards Release 23, which empowers advanced lifecycle management configurations and streamlines administrative processes.

EnterpriseOne Search – An Alternative to Enhancing User Inquiries: The EnterpriseOne Search feature was highlighted as an alternative solution to enhance user inquiries in JD Edwards, facilitating custom searches and addressing data retrieval challenges.

Minimizing Downtime with R23: We discussed strategies to minimize system downtime in JD Edwards Release 23, utilizing new E1 tools and architectural enhancements.

Hidden in Plain Sight – A Punch List of JDE EnterpriseOne Tips and Tricks I was the Last Person to Discover: Revealed lesser-known tips and tricks for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, covering JAS server tweaks, fixes for backend server issues, Configurator UX One challenges, and practical SQL solutions to address common roadblocks during installs, upgrades, and configurations.

If you’re interested in more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us for copies of our presentations.

INFOCUS Keynote: JD Edwards Roadmap

During the INFOCUS keynote, Gary Grieshaber, VP of Application Product Development and Strategy, shared exciting developments, including JD Edwards Release 24 scheduled for later this year. The mention of Generative AI also caught everyone’s attention, so we’re excited to see it in action in real-life use cases down the road.

The keynote also reinforced the importance of Customer Success Patterns, underscoring themes of automation, optimization, transformation, and acceleration. With CloudWorld taking place the week before, Grieshaber emphasized the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and the seamless integration of Oracle Cloud Apps with JD Edwards, including OTM and Analytics.

In the next section of the keynote, Paul Houtkooper, VP of JD Edwards Product Development, offered us a glimpse into the current state of JD Edwards. Notable highlights include:

  • A growing presence with 311 JDE customers on OCI
  • An expanding user base of over 400 JDE hybrid Cloud customers
  • More than 80 organizations transitioning to SaaS solutions


The real star of the show is JD Edwards Release 24, which will focus on improving customer experience with features like Automated Safety Stock and enhancements in inventory management. Houtkooper also introduced significant additions to Orchestrator Automations, an enhanced Workflow Monitor, and Task Tracking for streamlining workflow tasks and automating processes review. Moreover, significant Enterprise Automation was introduced for R24, including Oracle’s AI & ML App Accelerator, enabling JDE data analysis with Oracle’s sophisticated tools.

In a nutshell, we’re looking forward to what’s in store for the JD Edwards community!

Terillium Booth

INFOCUS goes beyond being a learning experience; it’s a chance to connect with and gain insights from fellow JD Edwards users. We take pride in being one of the largest and award-winning Oracle consulting groups in the United States, and our commitment to the JD Edwards community.

Let us be your compass in the digital wilderness. Whether you’re preparing for a JDE upgrade project plan or looking to reach new heights with cloud applications, we’re here to guide you through the great outdoors of digital transformation.

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The fun doesn’t stop there – mark your calendars for Quest Experience Week: a FREE digital event! Taking place December 4-8, Oracle will review the major highlights of 2023 while providing a sneak peek into what’s ahead in 2024. We’ll be hosting a session on December 4th for the JD Edwards Day portion of the week, so we hope to see you there (virtually)!

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