Oracle NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing needs to be on the cutting edge with control, coordination, and reliable management. Learn how NetSuite for manufacturing companies can improve your business processes of your company in the manufacturing industry.

Improve Business Processes in the Manufacturing Industry with Oracle NetSuite ERP Software.

NetSuite for Manufacturing Companies

In the manufacturing industry challenges and setbacks are unavoidable, especially in these uncertain and unprecedented times. Despite these challenges, manufacturing companies need to pivot, and problem solve to grow.

Without the proper tools, technology, and visibility, manufacturing companies can fail in the blink of an eye.

Manufacturing companies face many challenges within their business.

  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Forecasting demands
  • Maintaining proper inventory levels
  • Material shortages
  • Order backlogs


These are just a few of the major pain points manufacturing companies deal with daily.

To pivot from setbacks and make quick decisions to continue a successful manufacturing business, it is crucial to have full visibility of your company.

Increased visibility into important information and data can help to reduce down-time and aid in quick, informed decisions.

NetSuite offers this visibility plus increased reporting capabilities. All aiding in the success of the business no matter the challenges or setbacks.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essential for many industries. NetSuite ERP for manufacturing is a business management software solution that allows organizations to use one system to manage all business processes.

Manufacturing companies face complex issues daily and require comprehensive understanding of inventory, workflow, order management, asset management, and more. Implementing NetSuite and corresponding modules will enable your manufacturing company to thrive.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is amid a digital transformation. Streamlining operations with technology is at the forefront of this evolution.

Industry challenges centered around pain points in areas such as supply chain disruptions, order backlog, material shortages, etc. have been met with new, modern technologies.

These enhanced technologies and software provide manufacturing companies with better insight into their manufacturing business, therefore aiding in forecasting, inventory planning, increased visibility, and reporting.

Take on the modern era of manufacturing with software integration that streamlines operations and enhanced planning capabilities.


Did you know that NetSuite is a leader in enterprise cloud software solutions?

Founded in 1998, and known as being the first “real” cloud ERP, NetSuite now has over 36,000+ customers worldwide.

Is NetSuite the best ERP for Manufacturing?

NetSuite is the world’s number one true cloud enterprise resource planning solution. Organizations of all sizes use NetSuite’s full suite of tools to manage their business. However, the solution is especially useful for manufacturing companies, with modules that effectively manage all aspects of the supply chain.

From sales order to work order processing, routing, and scheduling, order fulfillment and product costing, NetSuite’s manufacturing solution provides real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help you make better-informed decisions.

NetSuite for Manufacturing provides:


NetSuite includes built-in business intelligence tools to provide real-time insight into your business’ performance. Gaining access to manufacturing planning information, including important key performance indicators, helps to make better decisions to improve business processes and remain competitive.

From sales order to work order processing, routing, and scheduling, order fulfillment and product costing, NetSuite’s manufacturing solution provides real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help you make better-informed decisions.


NetSuite is a cloud based application, so it is inherently secure and comes with built-in security features. There is never a need to worry about data or security, NetSuite meets many high-level security standards including SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.


Optimized for manufacturing, NetSuite’s ability to run the business completely within the software allows complete visibility into the supply chain from beginning to end. Users can always be connected to their supply chain operations and logistics through mobile capabilities.


Get your products to market quickly and cost-effectively anywhere in the world with an end-to-end manufacturing software solution. NetSuite’s ERP for manufacturing software enables businesses to run their manufacturing operations efficiently.

Resource Allocation

Labor shortages can lead to business setbacks and human resource issues. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, like NetSuite, automates, consolidates, and streamlines organizational processes for manufacturing. Improving the number of resources needed while also increasing efficiency are key to growing your manufacturing business.

Implementing NetSuite gives manufacturing companies access to crucial company information

NetSuite for manufactures optimizes operations, mitigate risk, streamline financial processes, and improve inventory management. Manufacturing enterprise resource planning and management software allows organizations to increase workflow visibility, streamline data, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences. NetSuite provides companies with full visibility and control over all areas of the business.

NetSuite for manufacturers has:

A user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate

Alerts that can be customized to proactively notify you with important inventory, shipping, accounts, and other information

Reports you can build, configure, and maintain yourself

One company system for all operational and financial information

The ability to make better business decisions with real time information

Create a better supply chain with:

Enhanced inventory visibility and accelerated inventory control

Shop floor optimization

Detailed tracking and improved visibility into production costs

Real-time reporting for improved operational efficiency

Business growth with the ability to:

Prepare detailed forecasts based on actual sales data

Plan material requirements to a master schedule

Create a distribution plan based on forecasts and orders

Implement a system that will scale as your company grows

Big Picture

Benefits of netsuite for manufacturing

There are many business benefits to implementing NetSuite solutions for your manufacturing company. NetSuite allows you to gain access to the information you need with one system for all operational and financial information. You can also create a better supply chain with enhanced inventory visibility.

Empower a global workforce and streamline processes across multiple locations. Last, and most importantly, NetSuite allows you to grow your business with detailed forecasts.

netsuite for manufacturing companies

Implementing NetSuite to your manufacturing company provides opportunity for growth, allows you to adapt quickly to change, and delivers visibility through all areas of the business. Having this increased visibility facilitates quick, precise, and meaningful decision making.

More benefits of implementing NetSuite for manufacturing companies include:

Reduce cost to produce

Quicker time to value

Diminish reliance on third party vendors

Improved manufacturing information and intelligence

Compare actual vs. standard with variance management

Improved visibility with inventory and warehouse management

Acquire detailed forecasts and sales data for enhanced decision making

netsuite for manufacturing companies

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NetSuite Modules for Manufacturing

When exploring enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing companies, NetSuite capabilities and modules take the cake. NetSuite’s manufacturing enterprise resource planning system (ERP) helps growing manufacturers control, coordinate and manage every aspect of their business operations in one place.

The Top 9 NetSuite Modules for Manufacturing Companies

  1. Production Management
    • NetSuite’s Product Management module helps you improve work order management, product quality, and scheduling all in one place. You can create, release, update and monitor work orders through the entire production process and receive increased information for inventory tracking throughout the product lifecycle.
  2. Inventory Management
    • The Inventory Management module allows you to closely manage supply chain and inventory levels to meet demand. It also provides flexibility for defining customer and/or product processing with multi-tiered rules. This module helps to improve order and line fill rates while also reducing administrative costs.
  3. Demand Management
    • Demand Management takes the guesswork out of forecasting. This module helps you manage your supply chain to ensure you have appropriate inventory levels. It analyzes historical data to allow you to make informed forecasting decisions.
  4. Planning and Scheduling
    • Accurate and thoughtful planning is the top priority for any successful manufacturing company. This module automates supply and demand to secure that your inventory levels are consistent with demand. Planning and Scheduling module also allows for flexible scheduling codes, finite and infinite capacity scheduling, and the ability to view your schedule using multiple graphs.
  5. Supply Chain Management
    • Simplify distribution resource planning with NetSuite’s Supply Chain Management module. This module is the glue that holds your suppliers and purchasing departments together. Obtain a real-time view of your inventory status and supply chain data and automate stock levels with restocking alerts.
  6. Procurement
    • NetSuite’s procurement module supports all operational processes and logistics from managing inventory to fulfilling material orders. Improve visibility by generating real-time views into company spend.
  7. Shop Floor Control
    • Obtain complete control over your shop floor with NetSuite. This module allows for real-time updates from your shop floor. In turn, you can plan and record all updates of the product manufacturing cycle. Record downtime, enter production, identify quality issues, etc. in real-time.
  8. Quality Management
    • NetSuite’s Quality Management module ensures your company delivers quality products while minimizing manual labor. Maintain high quality products with the ability to define inspection plans, pass/fail criteria, etc., all in real-time.
  9. Work Orders
    • NetSuite’s Work Order Management module adds control and visibility when items. Easily define assembly items, build complex BOMs, create works orders, etc. This module also helps manufacturers following lean principles operate without work orders.

Start Producing Better Results With NetSuite

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NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing

netsuite for manufacturing companies

Major benefits of NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing are:

  • Improved operational effectiveness
  • Reduce ‘Cost to Produce’
  • Faster Time to Value
  • Unified solution—reduce reliance on third parties

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing provides a single integrated cloud solution that replaces the disconnected systems that are used by manufacturers today. The system offers complete and comprehensive functionality. NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing is specifically designed to help manufacturers of all sizes reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and better manage their business and supply chain processes overall.

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing is built on native NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP), ensuring manufacturing processes are connected to financial reports, inventory management and outstanding orders in real-time.

  • Improve quality, service, and through-put
  • Variance management: compare actual versus standard
  • One version of the truth • Integrate Plant to Enterprise (P2E)
  • Manufacturing information and intelligence
Advanced Manufacturing

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Other important NetSuite modules that aid in the streamlining and success of your business are:

Assembly Builds


Work Center Management

Routing Definition & Labor Costing

WIP Tracking

Infinite Capacity Scheduling

Gantt View

Finite Capacity Planning

Warehouse Management

Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Advanced WO Management & Control

Batch Management & Control

Manufacturing Execution

Customer Relationship Management

Vendor Management


Order Management

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