Top 10 Most Requested Custom Reports for NetSuite 

Priorities always on top of mind for major companies: Process improvements and optimization.

Successful companies are always on the lookout for ways to better understand their business operations and make informed decisions. One of the most valuable tools at the disposal of a NetSuite Managed Services customer’s disposal is custom NetSuite reporting. These tailored reports provide valuable real-time insights and help track key performance indicators over time. 

To help you get the wheels turning on the productivity possibilities, let’s look at the top ten most requested custom NetSuite reports by our current NetSuite managed services customers compiled by our team of customer success experts. 

Top Ten Custom NetSuite Reporting

  1. Accounts Payable Aging Report: An AP Aging Report provides a view of all outstanding vendor invoices and the number of days they have been outstanding. 
  2. Accounts Receivable Aging Report: An AR Aging Report gives you a view of all outstanding customer invoices and the number of days they have been outstanding. 
  3. Gross Profit by Item Report: This custom NetSuite reporting helps you track the gross profit for each item in your inventory. It provides valuable insights into the most profitable items for your business. 
  4. Inventory Valuation by Location Report: This report provides a view of the current value of your inventory at each location. This report is helpful with the management of your inventory levels and ensuring that you always have the right mix of products on hand. 
  5. Item Sales by Cost and Channel Report: This report gives a view of sales by item, cost, and channel. With this report, you can analyze sales trends and determine which products are the most profitable. 
  6. Customer Credit Checking Report: This NetSuite report helps with the management of customer credit risk by providing a view of customer credit information. 
  7. Item Availability by Type Report: This report provides a view of item availability by type and helps you manage your inventory levels. 
  8. Item Receipts with Item Costs and Landed Costs Report: With this detailed NetSuite reporting you will see a view of item receipts, item costs, and landed costs. It is a valuable tool for managing your inventory costs while also ensuring that you have accurate information on your inventory levels. 
  9. Open Invoices Pending Billing Report: This report provides a view of open invoices that are pending billing. It is a useful tool for managing customer accounts and ensuring that you have accurate information on customer billing. 
  10. Open Sales Orders Pending Fulfillment Report: This NetSuite report provides a view of open sales orders that are pending fulfillment. It is useful for managing customer orders and ensuring that you have accurate information on customer shipments. 

Why Managed Services for NetSuite?

Managed Services for NetSuite can bring a range of business benefits beyond just ensuring the technical health of your system. By partnering with a trusted provider, organizations can receive expert support and guidance to help optimize and customize their NetSuite solution. This can lead to increased efficiency, better data accuracy, and improved decision-making capabilities. Managed Services can also help you stay compliant within industry standards.  

Another strong benefit of managed services… outsourcing IT responsibilities that can free up valuable internal resources. This allows your organization to give more focus to important core business activities. With Managed Services for NetSuite, companies can ensure the long-term success, growth, and optimization  of their NetSuite investment. 

Custom NetSuite Reporting

Ultimately, custom NetSuite reports can be an essential tool for gaining a deeper understanding of your business operations and in order to make more informed decisions. If you need a helping hand creating custom reports, our team of experts at Terillium is here to help. Whether you are looking for real-time insights into your business operations or need to track key performance indicators over time, we can help you get the transformational information you need. 

To learn more about NetSuite Managed Services at Terillium and see how your business can benefit, please visit and learn more about NetSuite SuiteAssist.

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