How JD Edwards UX One & Orchestrations Can Ease the Pain of Exceptions

Gain Efficiency Managing Sales Order and Work Order Relationships

In a perfect world, manufacturing to fill sales orders is straightforward. Data is perfect, customers don’t change orders, machines don’t break down, and suppliers don’t deliver late. The reality of most businesses is that exceptions aren’t as uncommon as we’d like, and managing those exceptions is manual and time-consuming.

Even when sales orders comply with standard lead times, many scenarios can make it challenging to produce on time:

  • Material shortages
  • Quality Issues
  • Machine down time

It is important to manage the impacts on the sales order as well as the work order. We ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How can we better manage challenges and exceptions?
  • How can we provide visibility on the sales order side when we run into challenges on the work order side?
  • How can we put better controls in place on the sales order side to protect us from making bad decisions?
  • How can we leverage UX One Tools and Orchestrations to improve the user experience and automate alerts when exceptions happen?

The Problem

The JD Edwards system doesn’t force us to pay attention to lead times and order entry. We need a mechanism to recognize, as we’re updating our work order, that we cannot meet the time that was requested. If we, for any reason, need to change the expected completion date on the work order, it doesn’t automatically update back to the related date on the sales order line.

Usually, this involves somebody in manufacturing either picking up the phone, walking across the street, sending an email, and hoping that somebody on the customer service side reads that message or even worse, they forget to do it. They change the work order and the next thing you know, somebody in customer service is upset because their order isn’t ready to ship. Whoever it was that updated the work order completely forgot to call customer service and let them know, “We can’t meet your date and we’re pushing up the work order.”

In this case, we are looking for a solution that will take the memory factor out of communicating the update to the customer and take the manual work out of executing the update to the sales order.

The Solution: UX One & Orchestrations

Leveraging UX One tools and Orchestrations allows us to improve the user experience and automate alerts when exceptions happen.

UX One gives you control over your business by providing options to personalize and configure your user experience. The benefits of UX One include:

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Alert/Analyze/Act Paradigm
  • Minimize Customizations / Maximize Personalization
  • Preserved During Upgrades (Minimizing Retrofits)
  • Increase Efficiency Through Automation


JD Edwards Orchestrator enables automation and streamlined integrations. Orchestrator Studio can transform how you use your entire JD Edwards system. Orchestrator leverages business logic and your system configurations at the EnterpriseOne application layer to help automate, integrate, and streamline business processes. It provides an intuitive, graphical user interface that hides the complexity of the rooted code that’s required for processing orchestrations and service requests.

Without any enhancements, you can introduce additional status codes to provide visibility to:

  • Work order date change/slippage
  • When the date change has been accepted
  • When the work order is in production

For a comprehensive walk through and deep dive into managing sales order and work order relationships with UX One and Orchestrator, check out the full session. The session includes:

  • Review of the criticality of dates on sales orders and work orders, and how to configure to minimize exceptions
  • Demonstration of how we can use UX One tools to identify exceptions early
  • Practical examples of how Orchestrations can be used to drive Alerts, notify the right people of exceptions, and improve efficiency of managing exceptions

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