Top 3 Goals for JD Edwards Users in 2020

JDE Community Survey - What JD Edwards Users Find Most Important in 2020

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With a promised product roadmap until at least 2030 – businesses running Oracle JD Edwards software can expect more enhancements and innovation for many years to come. We recently asked the JDE community about their priorities and initiatives for 2020, and it’s shaping up to be an ambitious year.

With capital asset management, human capital management, financials, sales, manufacturing, and procurement – product improvements have been made to reporting and the user experience. Below we’ve shared the top three goals for JD Edwards users in 2020.

Goal #1: Orchestrator Capabilities

Over sixty percent of JDE users surveyed said Orchestrator capabilities are important to their organization in 2019.

As one of the most significant enhancements to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Orchestrator Studio can transform how you use your entire JD Edwards system.  Orchestrator leverages business logic and your system configurations at the EnterpriseOne application layer to help automate, integrate, and streamline business processes.

For example, notifications help to more closely monitor your business data and respond quickly. In turn, it allows for your employees to stay connected as a team and perform their jobs more efficiently.

Orchestrator is a low code/no code tool that can help eliminate tedious and expensive manual processes. Below is more information on Orchestrator from

  • Connect IoT data to your business data
  • Extend integrations to other solutions
  • Transform how you use your entire JD Edwards system

Goal #2: JDE Security

35% of companies using JD Edwards are prioritizing security.

No tech project is perfect, regardless of the steps we take to avoid issues. Careful planning and execution can minimize these challenges, but chances are it won’t be a seamless transition. Consider these best security practices to pinpoint weaknesses before they are compromised:

  • Segment responsibilities
  • Secure your system
  • Have a plan
  • Update

Goal #3: Utilizing UX One

According to our results, 30% of survey respondents said utilizing UX One is important to them this year.

It’s recommended that organizations upgrade to the latest version of E1 to have the newest UX One applications and better user experience, including easier navigation.

Align your ERP to how you work. With EnterpriseOne personalization options, you can create your own experience to meet the user interface business requirements, without any customizations. JD Edward’s personalization frameworks not only helps cut costs on customization, but it allows for requirements to be met at a rapid pace with:

  • Reduced Friction
  • Continuous Adoption

  • Quick Time to Market

  • Agility

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While those are the top three goals for JD Edwards users in 2020, many businesses are choosing to focus on other important areas of growth and innovation. Improved reporting and company cyber security policies were selected as #4 and #5 top features and functionality in 2020 among those who completed the survey. See the complete results below.

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Are you planning on any additional initiatives or functionalities? Over half of the JDE users surveyed plan to maximize additional functionality/ modules in 2020.

#1 Additional Functionality

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#2 Upgrades

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According to our results, the importance of taking advantage of investing in an upgrade has increased almost 10% from 2019. As of December 11, 2019 – JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 Applications Update 4 (Applications 9.2.4) is now available.

This update provides an easy way for customers migrating or upgrading to Apps 9.2 to take a current version of the product. In addition, existing 9.2 customers are able to to remain current on applications.

With the focus on customer-driven enhancements, Tools Release 9.2 Update 4 provides valuable new business logic, simplify business processes, and enhance the user experience. To learn more about 9.2.4 enhancements to drive digital process transformation within your organization, check out the full announcement.

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Implementing Cloud Solutions

According to a recent survey from the Quest Oracle Community, 10% of organizations running JDE had moved to the cloud in 2018 – versus 0% in 2017. Twenty-nine percent of Oracle on-premise customers overall planned to move to a cloud platform in 2019.

A JD Edwards cloud strategy is designed specifically to support business growth, greater business agility, and lower costs and risks. This hybrid approach provides you and your business the best of both worlds:

  • The increased agility and reduced IT complexity of a cloud-based approach
  • The ability to protect your existing applications investment and customizations
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